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Friction Self Aligning Carrying Idler 

Vagheshwar Industries manufactures heavy duty friction self aligning carrying idlers designed to handle inclined conveyor belts. With over 15 years of experience, we offer customized idler solutions.


MaterialCast Iron
ApplicationInclined Conveyors
StructureCast Frame + Steel Tube + Shaft + Bearings
Bearing TypeFriction Seal Spherical Roller Bearings
Type3 Roll Troughing Idlers
CustomizationAvailable on Request

The friction seal bearings provide alignment while preventing material ingress on inclined belts. Our sturdy cast iron frames resist impact and corrosion. The rollers are steel tubes on sealed spherical roller bearings for smooth rotation.

We design for 20,000 hours of heavy duty performance with minimal maintenance needs. The sealed bearings are lubricated for life. Customization of components available based on requirements.

    Roller Properties

    • Roller Diameter: 89mm to 140mm
    • Face Length: Up to 1200mm
    • Troughing Angle: 20°, 30°, 35°
    • Structure: Cast Iron Frame and Steel Tubes
    • Roller Material: ERW Steel
    • Shafts: EN8 Bright Steel Bars
    • Bearings: Friction Seal Spherical Roller Bearings
    • Seals: Contact and Non-Contact Rubber Seals


      Our friction self aligning idlers suit:

      • Inclined conveyor systems
      • Mining plants
      • Cement manufacturing
      • Fertilizer production
      • Power plants
      • Ports
      • Heavy material handling


        Roller Diameter89mm to 140mm
        Troughing Angle20°, 30°, 35°
        StructureCast Frame + Steel Tubes + Shaft + Bearings
        MaterialRoller Tube - ERW Steel
        Shaft - EN8 Bright Steel Bars
        Bearings - Friction Seal Spherical Roller Bearings
        Load CapacityUp to 65kN
        SpeedUp to 5m/s
        Temperature Range-20°C to +40°C

        FAQs – Friction Self Aligning Carrying Idlers

        What are your typical lead times?

        We can supply within 2-3 weeks of order confirmation. Ready stocks also available.

        What maintenance do these idlers need?

        Minimal maintenance required apart from periodic cleaning and inspection.

        What customization do you offer?

        We can customize troughing angle, roller diameter, length, materials, paint, bearings per needs.

        What is the bearing life?

        Minimum L10 life of 20,000 hours for reliable long term operation.

        Contact Vagheshwar Industries today for high quality friction self aligning carrying idlers for inclined conveyors!