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Guide Rollers

At Vagheshwar Industries, we offer high performance guide rollers to keep your conveyor belt tracking properly. Our rollers can be fully customized to your application.


Guide rollers, also known as belt tracking rollers, have a cantilevered design to align conveyor belts that drift laterally off track. They gently guide the belt back to the correct tracking position. We offer heavy duty build, sealed precision bearings, and corrosion resistant materials.

    Roller Properties

    • Cantilevered ends for belt alignment
    • Corrosion resistant stainless steel and plastic
    • Heavy tube or machined bar construction
    • Sealed ball bearings for smooth operation
    • Customizable to your specifications


      • Diameter: 60mm to 150mm
      • Face Length: Up to 1500mm
      • Structure: Tube or Machined Bar
      • Materials: Steel, Stainless, Plastic
      • Bearings: Sealed Ball


        Our guide rollers help proper belt tracking in:

        • Food processing
        • Chemical processing
        • Aggregate conveying
        • Package handling
        • Airports
        • Automotive
        • And more!


          • Diameter: 60mm to 150mm
          • Face Length: Up to 1500mm
          • Tube thickness: Up to 8mm

          We work with you to optimize the design for your operating conditions and requirements. Contact our engineering team to get started on your custom guide rollers.

            MaterialApplicationStructureBearing TypeType
            Mild SteelGeneral useTubeBallGravity
            Stainless SteelWashdownTubeBallGravity
            PlasticCorrosive environmentsTubeBallGravity

            Our engineering team will collaborate with you to select the optimal materials, dimensions, bearings and other factors to create customized guide rollers for your conveyor system.

            Roller Material and Customization

            We engineer and manufacture guide rollers tailored to your specific application requirements. Key customization options include:


            MaterialKey PropertiesTypical Usage
            Mild SteelDurable, economicalGeneral conveying
            Stainless SteelCorrosion resistantWashdown environments
            Plastic (UHMWPE, Nylon)Low friction, non-marking Chemical and food processing


            Solid BarMachined from bar stock
            TubeWelded steel tube construction


            BallHigh precision, low friction
            RollerWithstands heavy radial loads

            FAQs – Carrying Rollers

            How do guide rollers work?

            They are positioned at an angle to nudge the belt back to center when it drifts off track. The cantilevered spindle allows this smooth guidance.

            What bearing types do you use?

            We select high precision sealed ball bearings to handle the belt side loads.