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Conveyor Idlers

At Vagheshwar Industries, we manufacture a wide range of high-quality conveyor idlers for material handling applications. Our idlers are engineered for long service life and reliability even in demanding operating conditions.


Conveyor idlers, also known as idler rollers, are rotating cylinders installed under the belt to support and guide the conveyor belt and material. Key benefits:

  • Support belt and material weight
  • Reduce belt friction and wear
  • Guide belt tracking and alignment
  • Absorb impact from material
  • Facilitate material transfer

We offer both carrying and return idlers in flat and troughed configurations:

Carrying Idlers: Installed in the material conveying section to support the loaded belt. This includes flat belt and troughed idlers.

Return Idlers: Used in the empty return section to support the unloaded belt. Includes flat and V-shaped idlers.

Impact Idlers: Designed to absorb impact loads from material falling onto the belt. They have rubber discs or cushioned rings.

    Idler Types

    We offer a comprehensive range of idler types and configurations:

    • Flat Belt Carrying Idler
    • Flat Belt Impact Idler
    • Vee Carrying Idler
    • Troughing Carrying Idler
    • Offset Carrying Idler
    • Offset Troughing Idler
    • Vee Impact Idler
    • Impact Idler
    • Offset Impact Idler
    • Vee Return Idler
    • Return Idler
    • Rubber Disc Return Idler
    • Garland Roller (Carrying, Return, Impact)
    • Self Aligning Carrying Idler
    • Self Aligning Return Idler
    • Friction Self Aligning Carrying Idler
    • Friction Self Aligning Return Idler
    • Wing Type Idlers

    Idlers can be customized for roller diameter, spacing, trough angle, and frame construction. Contact us for your requirements.

      Technical Details

      Our idlers feature:

      • Roller material: Steel, plastic or rubber coated
      • Roller diameter: 89mm to 159mm
      • Hexagonal shafts with precision bearings
      • Formed channel or I-beam frames
      • Adjustable idler spacing
      • Grease lubricated sealed bearings
      • Heavy-duty construction
      • Interchangeable components


        Our conveyor idlers are used across industries:

        • Mining
        • Aggregates
        • Cement
        • Power plants
        • Steel industry
        • Food processing
        • Grain handling
        • Fertilizer

        Any bulk material handling application.

          Why Choose Us?

          With over 15 years of experience, Vagheshwar Industries is a leading idler manufacturer known for:

          • Reliable and heavy-duty idlers
          • Custom engineering
          • Interchangeable spare parts
          • Large installed base
          • Excellent after-sales support
          • Competitive pricing
          • Fast delivery

          Contact us today to discuss your idler requirements! Our team will recommend the optimal solution for your application.