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Impact Rollers

At Vagheshwar Industries, we manufacture heavy duty impact rollers to withstand high loads and impacts.


Impact rollers are designed to withstand very high radial and impact loads from heavy materials or large lump sizes. We construct them from thick walled tubing and fit them with spherical roller bearings.

    Roller Properties

    • Withstands very high loads and impacts
    • Thick walled tubing construction
    • Spherical roller bearings
    • Stainless steel and mild steel options
    • Customizable configurations


      • Diameter: 100mm to 400mm
      • Face Length: Up to 1500mm
      • Tube Thickness: 10mm to 20mm
      • Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel
      • Bearings: Spherical Roller


        Our impact rollers are used in:

        • Mining
        • Aggregates
        • Metal processing
        • Heavy manufacturing
        • Cement
        • And more!


          • Diameter: 100mm to 400mm
          • Face Length: Up to 1500mm
          • Tube thickness: 10mm to 20mm
          • Sealed or open constructions


            We work closely with you to optimize the materials, dimensions, tolerances and configurations to suit your specific application requirements.

            MaterialApplicationStructureBearing TypeType
            Mild SteelHeavy impactsTubeSpherical RollerGravity
            Stainless SteelCorrosive environmentsTubeSpherical RollerGravity

            We engineer impact rollers tailored to your specific requirements. Contact our engineering team to start designing your perfect impact rollers.

            Roller Material and Customization

            We offer fully customized impact rollers based on your application requirements:


            MaterialPropertiesTypical Usage
            Mild SteelDurable, economicalHeavy loads
            Stainless SteelCorrosion resistanceWashdown environments
            Cast IronHigh strengthSevere impacts


            TubeReinforced thick-walled tube


            Spherical RollerHandles heavy radial and impact forces

            FAQs – Carrying Rollers

            How do impact rollers withstand high loads?

            Thick walled tubing provides a reinforced structure. Spherical bearings handle heavy radial and impact forces.

            What bearing types are used?

            Spherical roller bearings designed specifically for heavy load capacities.