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Rubber Disc Rollers 

At Vagheshwar Industries, we manufacture high quality rubber disc rollers for gentle conveyance of fragile items.


Rubber disc rollers consist of cushioned rubber or polyurethane discs spaced between metal discs to absorb shocks and impacts. This provides gentle handling for fragile and delicate items on conveyor systems.

    Roller Properties

    • Shock and impact absorption
    • Reduces product damage
    • Rubber and polyurethane options
    • Customizable disc thickness and spacing
    • Plain bearing design
    • Noise reduction


      • Disc Diameter: 20mm to 100mm
      • Disc Thickness: 10mm to 30mm
      • Spacing: 2mm to 20mm
      • Materials: Rubber, Polyurethane
      • Bearings: Plain


        Our rubber disc rollers gently convey:

        • Glass bottles and jars
        • Ceramics and pottery
        • Electronics and semiconductors
        • Packaged foods and produce
        • Pharmaceuticals and medical items
        • And more!


          • Disc diameter: 20mm to 100mm
          • Disc thickness: 10mm to 30mm
          • Spacing between discs: 2mm to 20mm
          • Metal disc material: Mild steel, stainless steel


            We collaborate with you to select the rubber material, disc dimensions, tolerances, metal material and spacing to create rollers tailored for your application.

            MaterialApplicationStructureBearing TypeType
            RubberFragile productsDiscsPlainGravity
            PolyurethaneHigh load capacityDiscsPlainGravity

            We engineer rubber disc rollers tailored to your specific requirements.Contact our engineering team to start designing your custom rubber disc rollers.

            Roller Material and Customization

            We fully customize our rubber disc rollers based on your requirements:


            MaterialPropertiesTypical Usage
            RubberShock absorption, tractionFragile products
            PolyurethaneHigher load capacityHeavy items
            NeopreneOil/grease resistanceFood processing
            SiliconeHigh temperatureBakery conveyors


            DiscsAlternating rubber and metal discs


            PlainSimple, low maintenance

            FAQs – Carrying Rollers

            How are rubber disc rollers constructed?

            Alternating rubber and metal discs spaced apart for shock absorption. The rubber cushions the load.

            What materials can be used for the discs?

            We offer discs in rubber, polyurethane, and other elastomers. Metal discs are typically steel.