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Spiral Rollers

At Vagheshwar Industries, we offer customized spiral rollers for inclined and declined conveyor sections.


Spiral rollers have a helical profile that facilitates smooth transportation of materials up and down incline and decline conveyor sections. This prevents back rolling of materials. We manufacture high quality powered and gravity spiral rollers.

    Roller Properties

    • Helix spiral shape
    • Reduces material back rolling
    • Stainless steel and mild steel options
    • Sealed precision ball bearings
    • Powered and gravity designs
    • Customizable configurations


      • Diameter: 50mm to 150mm
      • Pitch: 100mm to 400mm
      • Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel
      • Bearings: Sealed Ball
      • Gravity and Powered


        Our spiral rollers are used in:

        • Aggregate and mining inclined conveyors
        • Spiral freezer and cooler conveyors
        • Airport baggage handling inclines
        • Roller coasters
        • And more!


          • Diameter: 50mm to 200mm
          • Pitch: 100mm to 400mm
          • Gravity or Powered
          • Tube thickness: Up to 8mm


            We work closely with you to customize materials, dimensions, tolerances, and configurations to meet your specific requirements.

            Gravity Spiral Rollers

            MaterialApplicationStructureBearing TypeType
            Mild SteelGeneral conveyingHelix TubeBallGravity
            Stainless SteelWashdownHelix TubeBallGravity

            Powered Spiral Rollers

            MaterialApplicationStructureBearing TypeType
            Mild SteelGeneral conveyingHelix TubeBallPowered
            Stainless SteelWashdownHelix TubeBallPowered

            We work with you to engineer spiral rollers tailored to your requirements. Contact our engineering team to start designing your perfect spiral rollers.

            FAQs – Carrying Rollers

            What is the benefit of spiral rollers?

            The helical profile provides a “scooping” motion to smoothly convey materials up and down slopes.

            How are they different than regular rollers?

            The spiral shape rather than straight cylinder. Available powered or gravity.