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Vee Carrying Idlers  

Vee carrying idlers, also known as troughing idlers, are used to support and guide the loaded belt into a troughed shape. At Vagheshwar Industries, we design and manufacture high performance vee carrying idlers for efficient material conveying.


Roller MaterialSteel or Plastic
Vee Angle20°, 35°, 45°
Diameter108mm to 159mm
LengthCustomized to belt width
BearingsSealed precision ball bearings
FramesFormed channel or cast iron
CustomizationVee angle, roller material and diameter

The vee carrying idler consists of multiple rollers mounted on formed steel or cast iron frames at an angle. This troughed shape prevents material from sliding off and contains it within the trough.


  • Guide and support conveyed material
  • Maintain constant troughing angle
  • Ensure centralized material flow
  • Reduce spillage and belt wear
  • Heavy-duty construction

    Roller Properties

    Our rollers provide:

    • High strength and rigidity
    • Abrasion and impact resistance
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Low noise
    • Low friction


      Vee carrying idlers are used for:

      • Mining
      • Cement
      • Fertilizer
      • Aggregates
      • Grain handling
      • Bulk material conveying


        • Roller Diameter: 108mm to 159mm
        • Vee Angle: 20°, 35°, 45°
        • Roller Length: Match conveyor belt width
        • Load Capacity: Up to 1000 kg per roller
        • Temperature Range: -20°C to +65°C

          FAQs – Vee Carrying Idlers

          What vee angles do you offer?

          We offer vee angles of 20°, 35° and 45°. Custom angles also available.

          What frame types are used?

          Formed steel channel or cast iron frames based on load.

          How are vee idlers customized?

          We customize vee angle, roller diameter, length, and material as needed.

          Contact the Vagheshwar Industries team today for high quality vee carrying idlers tailored to your application!